Born in Durban, South Africa in 1979, Matthew Willman is a documentary & fine art photographer.  Growing up during the last years of Apartheid Matthew’s boldness of character and independent creative expression was first realized as a professionally trained Cecchetti ballet dancer for 20 years. From a young age he has never been afraid to express, to create and to use the visual arts as an enabler.

‘Matthew is passionately connected to the complexity of his existence and those around him. I’m sure of Matthew’s gift, it’s not an issue…he connects with his passion…the rest just follows.’
– Annie Lennox, Musician Song writer

Willman continues to work with some of the world’s foremost institutions in the field of visual communication, development and the visual arts. His commissions have taken him to 48 countries tailoring his inventive brand of communication to the needs of an array of clients and personalities that include: Oxfam International (Australia), The World Health Organisation (Geneva), The Nelson Mandela Foundation (Johannesburg), The Bill Clinton Presidential Library (Little Rock Arkansas), The Vodafone Foundation (London), The National Underground Railroad Freedom Centre (Cincinnati), Robben Island Museum (Cape Town) and The European Commission (Brussels).

Mr Willman is a world-class talent whose striking and evocative images have found its place on the world stage.’ 
– The Nelson Mandela Foundation

‘Matthew has the ability to see and creatively narrate the essence of life where it is found, his work is seminal in its vision and iconic by its very nature’
– Chairman of Walt Disney (Retired) John Pepper

For Matthew, Nelson Mandela played a pivotal roll in his early years growing up. From the moment Nelson Mandela walked to freedom in 1990 a seed was planted in his heart and he dreamed to one day shake this great man’s hand himself. It took Willman 14 years to finally shake Mandela’s hand which set off an extraordinary journey working as a commissioned photographer to the Nelson Mandela Foundation. His images contributed significantly to the recording of the process of South Africa’s democratic change. In 2004 Willman was commissioned to archive and document the life and times of Nelson Mandela for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. Over the years this afforded him many intimate experiences with a man who for Willman embodies the very spirit and conviction we all possess as Africans in the world today. Willman’s collection of work is now central to the Mandela Centre of Memory & Presidential Library in Johannesburg.

‘Matthew is a remarkably talented photographer and I am thrilled to see the quality of the work he is producing’.
– Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

In 2011 Willman founded a non-profit foundation trust to support his various endeavours with a focus on enabling young Africans in their quest for education and development within the field of visual arts. Matthew is a nomad hungry to engage, understand and experience the multifaceted world that exists out there in what Willman calls ‘The Human Condition’.

‘Matthew’s passion and enthusiasm for his art, his sensitivity and love of people is immediately felt. This is how his magic begins, allowing his vision and mastery to come through his camera then onto paper. Willman’s work is a gift, an artist of world-class standing.’– Monsieur Hubert Hermes
– House of Hermes, Paris.

Willman’s photography is timeless and helps contribute to the incredible work individuals, organisations and charities are doing everyday around the world.
– Oxfam / World Health Organisation, Geneva