Boys of the Royal Ballet

Some shoots last minutes whilst others take years. The privilege to work with the Royal Ballet School across the lower and upper houses of the Royal Ballet School was an achievement that took approximately 8 years to complete. Sometimes it was finances other times it was a refusal to enter in. Yet like with many collections I create, many are started and over years they slowly find a conclusion.

This collection is a deeply moving and an emotional body of work for me. Having danced ballet for 20 years, knowing what these young boys and men are going through became a very personal journey for me.  I wrote a few verses about this….


‘Heaven help the boy with a talent for ballet.

A boy dancing knows not what he is giving the world

A boy learning to Plies sets himself apart.

A boy in tights knows the great sacrifice.

Yet, a boy expressing himself brings tears to the elderly

A boy persevering brings respect from a teacher

A boy that feels, aah but that is a secret.’