Out the Ordinary

Having lived my whole life through the eye of a camera. I tend to exist in a world through the interpretation of what is real and that which is complete imagination. The images are a revelation, not only of this imagination but also a window into worlds, created by people and places I ventured out to discover. Somehow, they too, are a reflection of myself. The art of photography is in allowing the ordinary to become the extraordinary.

Masters of photography have all fallen in love with what they are photographing. The camera being merely a light-tight box recording what the mind is seeing. The intimacy demanded of a photographer and the things they choose to photograph, often finds the creator intertwined, caught up, tossed about in a never-ending spiral of love and hate, acceptance and rejection. Any confusion that remains is laid to rest when poured out by lighting and composition as an image on paper. Only then is it able to be released.