In 2018 I hatched an idea that simply put was ridiculous. In my head I envisioned photographing a rare and endangered Africa Pangolin running across my studio floor on a white studio cyc. It was never going to happen.

Well it took 3 years to achieve but I did it. But not in my studio. I took my studio to them in the wild lands of northern Kwa Zulu-Natal.

With utmost care and commitment I partnered with the Zululand Conservation Trust to create something never before attempted.

 What we produced is, without doubt, one of the rarest photographic creations undertaken of the pangolin.

The whole shoot was achieved under the incredible guidance of professional conservationists, rangers and rescued pangolin carers. Funds raised from this photo shoot are going to the Zululand Conservation Trust to help further their work in rehabilitating rescued pangolins back into the wild.