‘Private Space’ is a visual masterpiece, an incredible journey not only as a photographer but also as a former dancer himself. The collection took 5 years to produce working with 88 dancers from 42 countries on 5 continents. There is a relationship between a dancer and a photographer. The two it seems are married to each other not by the means with which they achieve their greatness, but rather by their passion that creates the magic. No great photographer was without their camera, yet no one will say the photographers’ talent lay with the camera. No great dancer was without their stage, yet no one ever said a dancer’s greatness was because of the stage. It’s not about the stage and it’s not about the camera. The art lies solely with the creativity and imagination of these two artists. Both with years of training and experience who if for only a few moments have the power to move the audience into a space that is somewhere between reality and the dream. ‘Private Space’ is a visual masterpiece an ode to ballet. A personal journey of a photographer with his dancers. Every image is an intimate moment, a private love affair expressed by dancers from around the world.