22 Years


Celebrated South African documentary photographer & author Matthew Willman presents for the first time under one title a collective of over 280 images selected from out his 22 years as a photographer around the world.

At the relatively young age of 40, Willman’s latest book ’22 Years’ is an extraordinary visual account of a photographer’s lifelong passion to engage with the world. His images go beyond borders, they transcend boundaries exploring in intimate detail the lives of people and places few have ventured to discover. As a photographer Willman is undaunted by the unknown, his work explores the ‘human condition’ wherever it is found. Each image in the book opens up a fascinating world, episodic moments that so many take for granted.

Working with over 65 organisations as a visual specialist in documentary photography, ’22 Years’ showcases the behind the scenes experiences, fleeting moments that go unnoticed, transforming the ordinary and mundane into extraordinary moments captured forever.

This book is a rich tapestry of life, a testimony of one person’s determination to go beyond the confines of his own world to explore a rich cross-section of life, genres, cultures, creativity, ability and geography. Matthew Willman does this not through words but by a remarkable collection of photographs documented over many years and now celebrated as our own. A truly masterful collection of photographs brought together for the first time.

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