Southern Cross

Size: 800mm x 550mm

The incredible story of life and hope. Khula the white rhino was saved from poachers at a few days old. Marking his growth and determination the artist created this once off creation.

To tell the imitate story of what this little rhino overcame to live to adulthood the artist took a panga (machete) that was used in the poachers evil works of hacking the horns from the rhino and personally rusted it onto the fine art print. Adjoining the panga in victory over the poachers the artist shot 7 bullets into the print symbolizing the Southern Hemispheres view of the Southern Cross Star alignment in the heavens. The gunpowder residue left unique burnt halo effects around each bullet hole.

This once off art piece is a triumphant victory of one beautiful white rhino having overcome the odds to roam once more in the vast open bushlands of Northern Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa.


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