Liberation of Mandela

Size: 700mm x 500mm

Mandela is the icon. Glorified in death, his life has become a testimony to many of a life of sacrifice.

The artist spent 10 years documenting the life and times of Nelson Mandela for the Nelson Mandela Foundation.  7 years after Mandela’s passing the artist for the first time develops his own voice and opinion through his immaculate portraits of Mandela.

There are 3 portraits in this once off Mandela portrait collection.

  1. The Liberation of Mandela explores his past, how the state under Apartheid despised Mandela’s message of liberation for all South Africans. For his stance, Mandela spent 27 years in prison.  The halo depicts the many months and years of his imprisonment as a vilified individual. Yet it speaks too of his victory and his liberation of not only the people of South Africa but of himself too.
  2. The sanctification of Mandela glorifies the reverence the world has placed on Mandela in history. In sainthood as in death where he can do no wrong Mandela becomes for many the symbol of selfless sacrifice in the face of our deepest darkness.
  3. The commercialization of Mandela explores how we have used Mandela’s name, influence, testimony and vision for financial gain. This piece points a finger back at those who shamelessly marketed their own agendas riding on the profitability of Mandela and his life.


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